Ralston FieldLab Support

Support articles about how to use your FieldLab and FieldLab Desktop.

Field Gauge Support Articles
Log pressure and temperature on your computer

Log pressure, temperature, and view live graphing from multiple FieldLab and Field Gauge devices on your computer using the FieldLab Desktop software app.

Activate Your FieldLab

Your FieldLab will need to be activated before you can put it to work. Follow these steps to get started.

Test Modes

Test Modes are operations you can create and customize to your specific needs for use in the field, at the plant, or in the lab. Use FieldLab Desktop to create, manage and edit Test Modes in the Test Modes Library. A Test Mode can be added to one or many FieldLab Pressure devices.

Data Sets

A Data Set is a digital file of pressure data points. Data Sets are created when you press the Log button on the FieldLab.

FieldLab Pressure Overview

Familiarize yourself with the external features of the FieldLab Pressure.

FieldLab Account

Use your FieldLab Account to keep an inventory of your FieldLab devices and store & download calibration certificates.

Engineering Units

Manage the engineering units in your FieldLab ecosystem

Safety and Certifications
Change Next Calibration Due Date

Customize the next calibration due date on the FieldLab.

Install Accessories on the FieldLab Pressure

Step-by-step instructions for installing FieldLab Pressure accessories.


Transmit data wirelessly between FieldLab Desktop and FieldLab.

Custom Name your FieldLab

Learn how to apply a custom name to your FieldLab Pressure. Especially useful when you have more than one FieldLab device.

Register a FieldLab Device

With FieldLab Desktop, you can add and manage multiple FieldLab devices. This article show you how to Add and Register a FieldLab Pressure with FieldLab Desktop.

Update Firmware

Ralston Instruments is always making improvements and adding useful features to our digital products. You can take advantage of these improvements by updating the firmware on your FieldLab device.

Change the Date and Time

Learn how to adjust the Date and Time, and formats for each, on the FieldLab Pressure.

Find the Firmware version on your FieldLab Pressure

Learn how to find out which version of Firmware is installed on your FieldLab Pressure.

Create and edit Custom Data Fields in FieldLab Desktop
FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure Kit

Replace paper-based chart recorders and reduce maintenance & data management efforts with a FieldLab Outdoor Enclosure Kit

Calibrate the pressure sensor on a FieldLab

Do-it-yourself instructions for calibrating a FieldLab with free FieldLab Desktop software. At the end of this process, FieldLab Desktop will compare the readings from your Reference device and FieldLab (Zero, Mid Point, and Full Span) and if it is out of spec; it will automatically make any necessary adjustments to bring your FieldLab to acceptable tolerances.

FieldLab is your pressure calibration ecosystem.

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